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My vision is to transform the Orleans Parish Sheriff Office into a world-class law enforcement professional department by providing our deputies with the knowledge, tools, resources, and technology equipment to protect the citizens of New Orleans.






My mission is to enhance the quality of life of our citizens through community interaction, partnerships, prevention of crime, and efficient service to the public. In addition, assist those in need with honor and integrity, be impartial, and protect life and property of all citizens.

Sheriff Platform 

  1. Develop an employee’s Advisory board so the employees will have a voice. 

  2. Develop an Integrated Project Team, composed of the community leaders, students, clergymen, and subject matter experts within various fields associated with the criminal justice arena.  

  3. Review the current inmate rehabilitation programs within the OPSO and make recommendations for new programs to complete online high school diplomas, college degrees, and apprentice training as a requirement before being released from long-term incarceration.

  4. Revise budgets to deploy the latest physical security technology for mentoring human life.

  5. Propose that the OPSO enter a joint endeavor agreement with NOPD to aid the City of New Orleans to fight crime vs. the Louisiana State Trooper.

  6. The OPSO has gone through many changes in the last few years due to the lack of leadership and the federal government takeover. With new leadership, proposal for salary increases, promoting women, equality and inclusion this will lead to improvement in morale and deputies taking their job more seriously.

  7. I plan to be transparent with the New Orleans community about the OPSO planning and programming efforts and funding. Accountability should not start at the bottom, I will lead by example, with a mantra that accountability should always start at the top.

  8. Develop a professional pipeline with the business community to train and hire released offenders to help them reintegrate back into society.

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